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International Inline Complex

The first training sessions were held in July 2010 at the International Inline Complex, the only U.S. facility dedicated to outdoor inline speedskating. Read more about the track.

In the 1980s, Brad Brandner started the Laser Skate Company in Couderay, housed in the former Elementary School building. Laser Skate designed and manufactured inline skates in response to the increasingly popular sport.

Brad also dreamed of creating an outdoor parabolic track where skaters could train, and began to do so from 1986 to 1990. After Brad passed away in 1995, the track and its facilities fell into disrepair.

In 2009, activity at the skate track was renewed, as Stacy Akana, a speedskating coach and father to a team of award-winning skaters, purchased and reopened the track, with plans to offer training to skaters from across the U.S. and around the world.

The complex features a 200-meter parabolic banked track, and a 500-meter road course with a 100-meter infield right-hand turn. RV hookups and camp grounds were also added.