Welcome to Couderay

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This pamphlet was created and distributed in the hopes of attracting entrepreneurs and businesses to the burgeoning village of Couderay.

A Few Facts About Couderay
This little village is named after the Lac Courte O'Reilles Indian Reservation to the north of the place, and is located on the Rice Lake Park Falls Line of the Omaha railroad, C. & N.W. System, being also on the Ladysmith Hayward trunk line of the Federal highway.

The Couderay river, within a few hundred feet, and the lake of the same name but a few miles to the northwest, are places where the best of fishing are to be had. There are other lakes to the north and quite a few luring trout streams.

The land, of the clay loam type, gently rolling, which produced the new cut over hardwood, is being settled up fast with a good thrifty class of people. Three good reasons are accomplishing this -- the best of water, the productiveness of the soil, and the excellent roads.

The town is new but has a population of about 400. For industry it has a new hardwood saw mill, planning mill and a case factory, these employing 150 men or more the year around and will do so for the coming twelve years, as it will take fully that length of time to complete the timber cutting. This means much for the surrounding territory as the plants carry with them a payroll of $15,000 per month, or in excess.

Responsive image A four-room modern brick state graded school pictured in this folder is the pride of the community. We possess two church edifices representing the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic creeds. There are four general stores, two halls, two billiard and soft drink stands, one small restaurant, barber shop, and last but not least a large potato warehouse.

It will be of interest to note that a bank charter has been applied for and that a jewelry store is now under construction.

We want a doctor, part of whose salary will be paid by the lumber company, to locate here. The following enterprises can be readily maintained here: Drug Store, Meat Market, a Modern Hotel (of ample capacity), garage, blacksmith shop, cheese factory, a newspaper, and a woodworking factory that can utilize the hard maple, and all kinds of second growth soft woods which surround the town. There is a large amount of this material which the new settlers wish to find a market for, and we have a large territory to draw from.

This section will be an ideal dairy section as it is in the land of clover. The Indian Reservation on the north is now opening up lands and these land are selling fast.

Parties interested in any kind of business openings or desiring lands from acre tracts to any amount of land, close to town can secure just what they want within a short mileaged radius from Couderay. For any further information write to the undersigned concerning our progressive village and community.

C.M. Olson, Secretary
2023 Jeff Scharlau.