Couderay Then

Every small town has a history. I've always thought of Couderay as the place where I grew up, but it's the place where a lot of people grew up, where lives begun, were lived and ended. A lot of hopes and dreams lived here, during times good and bad. That's true of any small town you might pass through, or pass by on the freeway. Stop for a while and you might find there's more to the place than it seems.

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and Now

A good number of people live in Couderay today. Many of the families that settled the area still have ties here, and there are new residents as well. Like many small towns, it could use a new business or two to help its survival. Its past is important too.
I'll try to add more content -- so check back every so often. Thanks for spending some time here.
- Jeff Scharlau, former Couderay resident

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